When I see 2 (or more) persons log on my blog, I always think, "Who are you? "

  Please give me some messages! Let me know who you are!


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  • alice
  • ..who is this..
    angel from the west..
    pay you a visit.. nice blog..enjoy being here..
    have your life.
  • SolarEnergy
  • 偶而路過是一天兩三次, 沒有停留很久.  "Who are you?" 實在太像懸疑驚悚片的標題了.
  • geolin
  • China times today, the article is about Spanish festival of bulls running (geolin style of translation) .
  • Fly, my son!
  • 不告訴妳
  • geolin

  • I keep the newspaper printed with your article for you. Congratulations!

  • 小豬
  • 哈囉~
  • SolarEnergy
  • 趕緊好好玩吧, 歡樂之旅快要結束了,不要疑神疑鬼的.  不過我應該不是妳指的那個"you", 我只是偶而路過.